R u s s i a n    p r e m i e r e s:

A. Tchaikovsky - Garden Symphony (2019)

D. Kourliandsky - Artifical Life-Support Machinery

K. Jenkins - Quirk for flutes, keyboard, percussions and orchestra (2019). Victor Khotulev, flutes; Marina Kosterina, keyboard, piano.

B. Yusupov - Aleph, symphonic poem (2018)

D. Kourliandsky - The Riot of Spring, Emergency Survival Guide for two cars and orchestra

J. Corigliano - To music, Symphony No.1 (2018, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow)

A. Povolotsky - overture Viva Weniavsky (2017)

P. Glass - The Light (2016)

C. Rouse - Phantasmata 2016)

J. Adams - Harmonielehre (2016)

P. Nasaikinskaya - Wind, Sympony poem (2015)


B. Yusupov - Viola Tango Rock concerto. Anna Serova, viola (2014).


A. Beall  Concerto for marimba and orchestra (2013, recorded on CD).


A. Beall  Affirmation for percussions and orchestra (2012, recorded on CD 2013).  Andrew Beall, percussions.


J. Adams  Lollapoluza (2012).


K. Jenkins  The Armed Man (2010).


A. Tchaikovsky Capriccio for Orchestra "Aromas and sounds of Gran Canarian" (2007).


J. Brahms   Quintet  op. 111. Arrangement  for  string  orchestra by  Ph. Entremont (2007)


Ch. Stanford   Variations  for  piano  and  orchestra (2003).   A. Jetter, piano.


Ch. Stanford   Concerto  No.2  for  piano  and  orchestra (recorded on CD 2002).  A. Jetter, piano.


E. Tubin   Concerto  for balalaika and orchestra (1999).  A. Gorbachev, balalaika.


W o r l d    p r e m i e r e s:

V. Shebalin - Suite No.3, Suite No.4, Ballet Suite (first recordings on Toccata classics, 2020)

S. Elcock - Symphony No.5, Haven, Incubus (recorded on Toccata classics, 2020)

J. Bittner - Symphony No.1, Vaterland (first recording on Toccata classics, 2019)


N. Sukhikh - Nimphae and Scherzo (2019, Milano)

A. Vabel - Libera nos de ora leonis, (2018)

D. Zvezdina - My lovely dear machine (2018)

O. Viktorova - Toccata and Canzona for violin and orchestra (2018)

N. Sukhikh - Perpetuum mobile and Passacaglia from Symphony No.1 (2018)

A. Khubeev - Era of eternal expectation / Эпоха вечного ожидания (2018)

E.Letov-G.Wewer - SymphoOborona (2018)

A. Tanonov - Symphony No.1 (2017)


T. Kliphuis - Jazz concerto for violin (2016)


M. Weinberg - Six Ballet Scenes (Choreographic  Symphony), op. 113(performed in Mariinsky Theatre), Symphony No.22, op.154 (both are recorded on Toccata classics, 2015)

M. Weinberg  Symphony No.21 “Kadish” (also recorded on CD, Toccata Classics, 2014).


A. Gusev - Terioshechka, fairy tale for orchestra (2014)


Spratley - Cargoes: Suite for Orchestra after John Masefield (2014)


P. Spratley  Sinfonia Pascale, Cargoes, Helpston Fantasia (recorded on CD, Toccata Classics, 2013). Cargoes-suite is dedicated to D. Vasiliev.


J.  Kozulin   Symphony  No.6  with Rock-group (2012). Dedicated to D. Vasiliev.


A.  Karamanov  Symphony  No.21 (2012).


I.  Heifets  Concerto  for piano and orchestra (2012). V.Scherbakov, piano.


A.  Karamanov  Symphony  No.22 (2011).


T. Shahidi Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (2010). Igor Fedorov, clarinet.


I. Heifets Symphony No. 2 "Dedication to Omsk" (2010).


M. Bronner "Transformations of the soul" for Viola and Orchestra (2009). Mikhail Bereznetsky, viola.


E. Podgaits “Postfestum” for Cello and Orchestra (2009). Alexander Boozlov, cello.


E. Podgaits Concerto for Viola with orchestra (2008).  Mikhail Bereznitsky, viola.


A. Schevtsova  Concerto for piano and orchestra (2007). A. Schevtsova, piano.


V. Simonov  “Old Movie” (2007). N. Kharechko, soprano.


I. Heifets "Yom Kippur" for string orchestra (2005). Dedicated to D. Vasiliev.


I. Heifets Symphony  No.1 "Jaffa"(2005). Dedicated to SSO


A. Tikhomirov  Concerto for piano, balalaika and orchestra (2004). A. Gorbachev, balalaika, E. Mordasova, piano.


J. Brahms  5 russian folk songs. Transcription for balalaika and orchestra (2004). A. Gorbachev, balalaika.


E. Podgaits  Concerto for mandolin and orchestra. Transcription for balalaika and orchestra (2004).  A. Gorbachev, balalaika.


V. Voroshilov  Concerto for  piano and orchestra (2003)


S. Gubaydulina  5 pieces for domra under  tatar  folk songs. Transcription for balalaika and orchestra (2003).  A. Gorbachev, balalaika.


A. Tikhomirov  Cocnerto for  domra and orchestra. A. Gorbachev, balalaika.


Transcription for balalaika and orchestra (2003).  A. Gorbachev, babalaika.


M. Kovaliova  Radonezh. Symphonic  poem (1999)